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About Us Borne of a decade of development for the sterile and untraceable optical rifle sighting requirements of Special Operations and clandestine warfare, .

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Re: Counter Sniper scopes Review/Test Three of these CS scopes class=" ubbcode-body"> I mean it says that the scope is made for the.

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I see a link for a cheap 4x16x42mm countersniper scope. .. on the forums. lets just say there is a counter sniper scope made for killing snipers.

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Shop CounterSniper Optics x Tactical Rifle Scope | 4 Star Rating on 11 Reviews for What a difference the scope made when it is matched to the rifle.

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Dark Ops Countersniper Optics Tactical Scope, 75mm; ›; Customer reviews They are made in China, but the mechanical quality is good and the optics are.

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Counter Sniper scopes Review/Test - Sniper's Hide Forums because the scope I received from him has the clearest lenses, quality-made.

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When I did notice that it was a Counter Sniper scope and after I ago, with the highest density of typos, grammar faux pas, made up words and.

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Counter Sniper rifle scopes has been ridiculed by users of other scopes. that it was the manufacturer, these scopes were made with the finest.

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Find great deals for Counter Sniper DOH x56 Rifle Scope. Made in USA. x56EG Red Green Mil Dot Air Rifle Gun Optics Sniper Hunting Scope .

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Just Google the term "Counter Sniper" and you will NOT have to read Do they make their scopes, or are they made elsewhere and imported?.