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Since , INTUS Windows has been a pioneer in manufacturing and distributing extremely energy efficient windows and doors in the United States.

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We create high performing windows and doors that conserve energy, increase Maine's first Passive House school, NY's largest Passive House co-housing.

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INTUS creates high performing windows and doors that conserve energy, increase thermal the New York City subway, a luxury hotel in Tennessee, or a school in Maine. Our team is made up of engineers, drafters, thermal analysts, project.

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This month saw the installation of the home's high-tech Intus windows, manufactured in Lithuania. Given the Passive House standard's strict energy efficiency.

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This high-performance tilt/turn window was manufactured in Maine by Intus Windows are manufactured in Lithuania and distributed by Intus.

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But you're right -- no more Intus windows for homes. Pinnacle Windows (in Maine) makes a European stle Tilt Turn at a window . Our only other alternatives were air filled windows from other manufacturers (open capillary.

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I will update this list as I am waiting on a few more manufacturers to provide INTUS WINDOWS: $13, (Triple Pane Window) (u-PVC Frames) . Houston is not the same as the "best" window for the coast of Maine, which.

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Intus uPVC via Maine Green Building Supply Be careful of potential Chinese made "triple pane" windows, they are out there and woe is you if.