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Whether you are a pretzel-twisting professional or a first-time baker, our easy recipe for how to make pretzels will have you sampling a taste in less than an hour.

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Turn easy Pillsbury® refrigerated breadsticks into delicious hot pretzels -- it's so Get dinner inspiration, easy-to-make recipes and more – straight to your inbox.

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A second "bath" transforms crescents into pretzels, perfect for game-day snacking. Make with. Pillsbury Crescents. Savings on 1 ingredient(s). Enter Zip to.

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These Soft Pretzel bites sound so easy to make. Looking forward to trying this 40 minutes. Recipe by. Jill Gibson Schutz. Soft pretzel bites from canned biscuits.

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Ok I made this for supper with strawberries, peaches, blackberries, and kiwi fruits . pillsbury sugar crust, mix 1 cream cheese, c. sugar, vanilla for frosting, and your favorite fruit. Janet Schutz .. Strawberry Pretzel Dessert ~ It combines refreshingly sweet strawberries, cream cheese, and a buttery sweet and salty crust.

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The most amazing caramel sticky rolls recipe for you to make over the holidays and a sick day! Soft Pretzel Bites ~ Made using canned Pillsbury Flaky Biscuit Dough and boiling in a baking soda and water mixture on the . Robin Schuetz.

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like how they tasted and looked Aesthetic responses were made into a focused topic of Coca Cola and Pillsbury), developed the so-called Flavor Profile Method for eliciting and designed, and marketed—from pretzels to presidents, cabernets to Cadillacs, apples to Apples. and Meiselman and Schutz

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And now these Homemade Mini Pretzels! Oh and you better believe that I made these pretzels into something festive. Have questions about this recipe. schutz.