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The Royal Marines Reserve (RMR) is the volunteer reserve force used to augment the regular are currently four Royal Marines Reserve units within the UK. These units are located throughout the country situated within or near major cities.

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The Royal Marines Reserve (RMR), together with the Royal Naval Reserve, development and capability delivery of the Royal Naval Reserve and the Royal.

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You'll be the elite amphibious element of our Maritime Reserves, making up just 1% of our nation's overall tri-service reservists.

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Enter your location or postcode so we can provide you with an easy-to-use map, detailing where you can find nearby reserves units. If there are no services.

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The Royal Marines Reserve unit in London draws recruits from across the south east The three remaining detachments are based in Cambridge, Henley, and.

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RMR Merseyside is based in central Liverpool and draws recruits from the North West, For more information about the Royal Marines Reserve and how to get.

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There is a detachment of the Royal Marines Reserve based in Cambridge. See where they train on Google Maps. East Anglia RFCA has recently installed a new .