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Become a Member ยท Shop. Tate Liverpool Exhibition A. Berger; Bringing together two significant artists, Otto Dix and August Sander, experience the radical extremes of what is now an important period in history.

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Press release about Tate Liverpool bringing Otto Dix drawings to UK for Dated the seven pencil drawings of an imagined world were.

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With his frank and celebratory Reclining Woman on a Leopard Skin, the German artist Otto Dix, for all his avant-garde credentials, was tapping.

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Painter Otto Dix and photographer August Sander to have work shown in Liverpool from June.

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German art at Tate Liverpool: reflections on an age of anxiety new Portraying a Nation: Germany , pairing Otto Dix and August Sander, If Dix evoked Old Master textures and motifs, it was the better to highlight.

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Otto Dix's painting Woman Reclining on a Leopard Skin Portraying a Nation: Germany , Tate Liverpool. Interwar Germany is a historical moment we all feel we know, with its rampant inflation, unbridled.

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I skipped over the August Sander half, far too excited to reach the Otto Dix area. Dix is an artist I have been interested in for a long time and I.