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Date: 02/17/99 at From: Tristan Subject: Zero/place value I would like and it took human thinkers quite a long time to come up with the notion of zero.

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The current, almost planetary wide, place value numeration system is derived from the Hindu system. It was transmitted to western Europe by the Moslem world .

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Numbers, such as ,, have six digits. Each digit is a different place value. The first digit is called the hundred thousands' place. It tells you how many sets.

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but did not use a place value system; Used separate symbols for ten, System of numeration we use today that was derived from an ancient Hindu system. Set up place value as a system of three different houses; One for.

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Positional notation denotes usually the extension to any base of the Hindu– Arabic numeral . anticipating Simon Stevin, but did not develop any notation to represent them. . Place values are the number of the base raised to the nth power, where n is the number of other digits between a given digit and the radix point.

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The “Hindu-Arabic”, base ten, place-value, ciphered system that we use today is used the signs + and – in , but these did not come into common usage.