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I would want to surrender to god” I told him the story of Sabari. Sabari was a woman saint in Ramayan period. She belonged to the hunter's tribe. She used to .

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Aug 23, Missed listening to it as i was in college but my friend Shabari's sis sindhura did the honours, listened to mine n shabari's request n told us.

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Aug 12, Sita did not resent Lord Rama for his decision: On hearing the decision of Lord . Why would he accept the berries from Shabari, who was also.

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Oct 30, In Hindu mythology, popular Bhil figures are Shabari, who offered Rama and Lakshmana half-eaten jujubes when they were searching for Sita.

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Apr 17, It is also mentioned as a place where Shabari (also known as Shabri), a disciple of sage Matunga and a pious devotee of Rama, had met.

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Jan 29, Next day all of us got up early since the first place to visit was the I would prefer a Shabari Mala kind of atmosphere in any temple rather than Sometime back when I visited Tirupathi I had expressed the same doubt in LJ.

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Feb 6, It is said that they met Shabari, who was an ascetic, at her ashram. The word Shabari is commonly used as a metaphor for an endless wait for.

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Vastraharan Lila of Shri Krishna The Receiver Has No Right to Expect Either Respect, . When All Elements are in Harmony. Ayyappan: Lord of The Shabari Hill.

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I had been to Monnar, Idukki etc and also Shabari Mala which are similar landscapes. But Wayanadan beauty made me feel that I am in heaven may be I am.

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Jun 8, There was no mention of Hindu faith traditions, leave alone study of the . Christian organisations demanded a ban on the Shabari Mela.