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dungaree. [duhng-guh-ree]. EXAMPLES | WORD ORIGIN Examples of dungaree. He was dressed in a pea-jacket and dungaree pants, but had no boots .

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Dungaree was mentioned for the first time in the 17th century, when it was referred to a cheap, coarse, thick cotton cloth, often colored blue but sometimes white.

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The British continued to use the Dungaree word, while the Americans used The French word for Genoa Italy is "Genes", hence, the origin of the word “jeans”.

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One had to refer to "running shoes" or "court shoes" to be appropriate. I guess I What's the origin of “dungaree” and who the heck was Jean?.

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An overall, also called overalls, bib-and-brace overalls, or dungarees, is a type of garment Salopettes is the French word for bib-and-brace overalls. The word.

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Dungaree fabric is a historical term for an Indian coarse thick 2/2 twill-weave cotton cloth, often coloured blue. Cotton twill with indigo dyed warp thread is now .