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Also called sengis, elephant shrews are more closely related to elephants than to true shrews. Their name comes from their long, flexible, highly sensitive snouts.

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This community is for all lovers of elephant shrews. Feel free to join if you like them, no one will be denied. Also, feel free to post in here when.

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I got to see one of these at the Denver zoo and now I am obsessed with them. They are even more adorable in person!.

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There are eight species of elephant shrew in Southern Africa. They are normally active during daytime eating insects but they love eating.

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These Seussists are not yet public, but every once in a while, one of their Giant Elephant Shrew - Throwing mushrooms at the French since.

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Introduction to Mammals What do humans, dogs, cats, elephants, whales, kangaroos, duckbill platypuses, ♥Macroscelidea: elephant shrews.

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Rating of posts in LiveJournal blogs. LJ Top "You wannit t' make sense? edinburgh cafés, elephant shrews, elephant shrews not shrews!!.

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*Elephant Shrews are actually not rodents, but rodent-like. This elephant shrew was photographed sneezing adorably at Chester zoo and.

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By now you should be a big fan of the Giant Elephant Shrew. If not, please look at this video from the Yale Peabody museum which includes.

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Although the creature does not possess any teeth, it has a well-developed . Out of the 15 species of elephant-shrews widespread across the continent, my.