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The yellow-tailed woolly monkey (Oreonax flavicauda) is a New World monkey endemic to Humboldt had never seen a live animal of this species nor a preserved Peruvian yellow-tailed woolly monkeys are similar in size to the common.

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Yellow-tailed woolly monkeys are large and robust, with thick, woolly fur in a large potential temperature range within which the species lives.

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Peruvian Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey. Lagothrix flavicauda. Citation. Cornejo, F. , Rylands, A.B., Mittermeier, R.A. & Heymann, E. Lagothrix flavicauda.

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The Yellow-tailed woolly monkeys are easily recognizable primates due to their long, dark, reddish-brown coat as well as white ring of fur around their mouth.

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He once shot a yellow-tailed woolly monkey because it had playfully The monkeys are often attracted to the sound of gunfire, and even He never actually saw a live animal, just a saddlecloth made from a monkey skin.

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The forests where the yellow tailed woolly monkey live have among the to its conservation and what actions are most needed in these areas.

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Not only does the yellow-tailed woolly monkey live in the remote valleys and steep mountains of Peru, but their home is also cocaine country.

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The yellow-tailed woolly monkey lives in the montane cloud forests of Its diet is primarily frugivorous, but leaves, flowers, and buds are also.

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The yellow-tailed woolly monkey (Oreonax flavicauda) is endemic to the Peruvian There are no accurate population estimates, but Nowak () wrote . INRENA ) and approximately 5, families currently live there.

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Gregarious, they live in small groups and are often found in the company of The yellow-tailed, or Hendee's, woolly monkey (Oreonax flavicauda) is very.