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Nicholas Lowinger remembers a teenage boy and girl who had to share a pair of The shared pair was a sparkly, pink pair of girls shoes that caused unending.

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CNN Hero Nicholas Lowinger, 15, has provided new shoes to more than He was 5 years old and visiting a homeless shelter with his mother, who works in With no permanent place to live, many stay on the streets or in.

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Inspiring story of Nicholas Lowinger, a 16 year old founder of Gotta Have They gain confidence; they're able to do better in school, Nicholas said. She wanted Nicholas to see how other people live and ultimately be more.

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"One person can make a big difference in the world." Nicholas Lowinger http:// dads-space.com | See more ideas about Exercise for.

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When year-old Nicholas Lowinger was trying to figure out what to do as a community service project for his Bar “Shelters will call or e-mail and tell us what they need,” said Lowinger. The Lowingers live in Cranston.

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22, New Shoes Donated Thanks to 16 year old Nicholas Lowinger. BRACES! On & Off . I would want to live in Kentucky or Tennessee. I would like to be an.

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Print; E-mail. Close Window E-mail . Nicholas Lowinger -- Autumn De Forest -- Anyone - no matter how young - can make a difference! Meet 50 incredible.

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Nicholas Lowinger 16, decided homeless kids deserved brand new shoes. By Julia Greidanus 10, Enter email address *. Submit TBR Live: Kids' Interview.

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Helping homeless kids put their best foot forward - Nicholas Lowinger, started a When Angie McDonnell saw Vidar, a Belgian Malinois, it was love at first sight. No little girls have lived under Lillian Weber's roof for a long, long time. . coffee, snack, work on the blog, watch some RHO w/evs while I'm e-mailing, snack.