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September brings a chance to see a comet. Comet Giacobini-Zinner was discovered in December by the French astronomer Michel Giacobini at the Nice Observatory in France. True Color Image of Comet iSON.

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At the time of its discovery in late September , Comet ISON was about million miles (1 billion km) from Earth in the constellation of.

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On the night of 03 September, the comet will lie just over 1 degree from bright star Capella in Auriga making it much easier to locate. The comet reaches closest.

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Comet ISON, formally known as C/ S1, was a sungrazing comet discovered on 21 The discovery was announced by the Minor Planet Center on 24 September. Observations by Swift in January suggested that Comet ISON's nucleus was around 5 kilometers (3 mi) in diameter. Later estimates were that the .

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Comet ISON becomes bright enough in September for observers to catch it through medium-sized telescopes.

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Comet chasers stayed busy in with at least 16 comets brighter than . Peak brightness of 7th magnitude occurs in September when the.

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When amateur astronomers discovered Comet ISON in September , its unusual brightness caused some to hail it as the “Comet of the.

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For anyone who's feeling jilted by Comet ISON's poor showing in , not to worry: . Greatest Comet of the 19th Century: The Great September Comet of

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Catalogued as C/ S1, Comet ISON was first spotted million miles away in September This is ISON's very first trip into the inner solar system.