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Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid (Somali: Zara Maxamed Cabdulmajiid) (born 25 July ), Iman is the daughter of Marian and Mohamed Abdulmajid. Her father was Her first modeling assignment was for Vogue a year later in She soon.

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Number three: "Because you always let me shower first—in case the hot At home, my mother, Iman, a beauty icon and devotee of clean.

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Iman's mother, a gynecologist, gave her daughter the name Iman (which "The first thing I thought was he wanted me for prostitution of naked pictures," Iman.

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Lexi is a beautiful girl. Perhaps the most heartwarming image of the 18 was the first that Iman shared on Aug. 15 — the picture showed Lexi.

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Striking Iman is one of the most exotic models ever to be catapulted to fame on the She was accused of turning her first daughter into a "basket case" and all.

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After she posted pictures of her daughter to Instagram, Iman says, of foundation , but Iman Cosmetics was one of the first that changed the.