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Bus ride saves time, money, the environment. by Joe Evans, Nebraska Medicine | June 06, We talk about going green, but what if you could go green.

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Congratulations, TravelSmarties -- you set a new record with Metro, recording 3, bus rides in the month of September. That averages out to.

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Omaha, NE info@dads-space.com () TDD Español. Transit Authority of the City of Omaha — public transportation.

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Track the location of your bus on a map, get an estimated arrival time and set up alerts using StarTran's AVL website. dads-space.com

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Guest and Volunteer Services can provide volunteer transportation to and from Eppley Airport, the Amtrack Train Station and the bus terminal between 6 a.m.

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The buses start at Othmer Hall on City Campus in Lincoln and The Peter Kiewit From Omaha, they also stop at UNMC and at Exit

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Location: Omaha Nebraska and dreamland when I am sleeping Also, the Shadow Lake bus you mentioned, I've figured out something for of the service along dodge street, where Indian Hills, UNO, UNMC, and Mutual lie.

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Metro says the "much easier to use" new routes, two years in the The biggest changes to the Omaha bus system in decades will begin May.

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Those three concepts — unveiled Thursday during a public open house at the University of Nebraska at Omaha that drew about people.

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UNL contracts with City of Lincoln StarTran to operate bus routes that connect East, Downtown and Innovation Campuses. The routes run Monday through.