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My phone tracks apps running in the background without my permission, so I can close any that I haven't asked to run & stop them wasting.

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I just updated to the newest version of the desktop Spotify, but when I try to close it, instead of running in the background like it previously did.

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But when I turn on music it shows this notification "Spotify is running in background". I know there have been some topics about that already, but.

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Now it seems to stay running in the background % of the time after music stops playing. When I press the home button on my iPad and see.

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Spotify is designed to run in the background whenever it wants. This is ridiculous. I like the app when I am using it but i will not continue to.

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If the music just stops playing, go check so background data for Spotify isnt The music stops and the app is still running in background.

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Even after I close out Spotify on my device, under Apps > Running, there are 6 Spotify services still running in the background. I have Spotify's.

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Plan Premium Country Mexico Device iPhone 8 Plus Operating System iOS My Question or Issue I noticed that, even though I close the.

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So for the last few days, I got this notification that says "Spotify is running in the background " (dads-space.com). I can't.

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like Spotify up and running instead of cutting off your favorite song. are " sleeping" in the background, and apps that support other apps.