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at an urgent care facility. Is a UTI (urinary tract infection) one such visit? Should I Go to the ER for a UTI? posted by The Live Better Team | July 25,

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Though easily treatable, the symptoms of UTIs in the elderly can often mimic those of other more serious conditions, like dementia. Given that UTIs are one of the.

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What does it mean if you get frequent urinary tract infections? Is there anything you can do if you keep getting UTIs? These are just some of the.

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Meet the team behind Live UTI Free - everything you need to know about UTIs, how they can become recurrent or chronic and what you can do about it.

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Living With It. |. by Rachel I continued getting infection after infection—chronic recurrent UTIs. If all the pee didn't leave my body, neither would the bacteria, which would breed and take over, causing an infection.

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About half of women will get a urinary tract infection, or UTI, at some point in life. It happens when germs infect the system that carries urine out of the body -- the.