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Six lanes tail lights / Red ants marchin' into the night / They disappear to the left and right again / Another supper / From a sack / A ninety nine cent heart attack.

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What does Tim McGraw mean by these lyrics in "Where The Green Grass Grows": I got a poundin' head and an achin' back And the camels.

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"Where the Green Grass Grows" is a song written by Craig Wiseman and Jess Leary, and performed by American country music artist Tim McGraw.

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"And The Green Grass Grew All Around", also known as "The Green Grass Grew All Around" or "And the Green Grass Grows All Around", is an Appalachian folk.

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Symbolic meaning of grass also deals with its color that lovely, gemmy, green goodness. When we root around for symbolism of anything (including grass).

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Lyrics to 'Where The Green Grass Grows' by Tim McGraw. Six lanes, tail lights / Red ants marching into the night / Disappear to the left and right again /.