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I have a free code for anyone wanting 15 minutes of Double XP. I will occasionally drink a monster for the super long shifts at work and this.

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It's more fun than just buying Doritos and Mountain Dew to get Double XP. It needs to happen, Super Jackpot Weekends sucked completely.

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Industries has teamed up with Mountain Dew and Doritos to launch double XP for Halo 4.

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packs of Mountain Dew and larger sized bags of Doritos sold at the mega- retailer will offer "Mega XP" - a full 12 matches of Double XP.

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Doritos double XP tip. To a person like me that barely gets to play I'll take all the double XP I can get! Logged . Super handy to have.

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Get Double XP in Halo 4 from Mountain Dew and Doritos bag of Doritos will get you a chance to rack up double the experience points in Read "Princesses and Metal Blades Make Deadly Bedfellows in Super Smash Bros.