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However, never fear, in Tokyo there are many choices for watching rugby matches, soccer matches and more! You can go alone or in a group.

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Instead of watching the football matches on your telly at home or in your sports bars around Tokyo and watch the magic happen on the big screen? . both the British Premiership and US sports such as American football.

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Tokyo Gaijins organizes pick-up futsal games regularly on weekends and some week nights. Soccer cleats/studs are not allowed. We discourage everyone from playing with us if paying 1,yen playing fee is an issue. Like us on Facebook · Follow us on Twitter · Join our Meetup Group · Watch us on Youtube.

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The FootNik in Ebisu is Tokyo's original football pub: it began back in the place to watch both UK-style soccer and American football games.

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Can you imagine what watching a football game in Tokyo can be like? The price of the tickets vary but the cheapest you can get is about 22 US dollars and.

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Hi I will be in Tokyo on 11 May and that day is the last round of the Barclays Premier League football season. I am a Liverpool fan and I will be.

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FooTNiK Ebisu is a British pub in the heart of Tokyo where it's all about soccer! Enjoy your favorite sport with other enthusiasts while tasting.

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Watch the Soccer Games with us at BAR! If you are wondering where to watch the World Cup in Tokyo this year, then we have you covered! All three of.

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Many people get excited to watch big sports games in Shibuya, Tokyo. sports bars in Shibuya in where you can enjoy viewing soccer.