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HEYYY GUYS! I've just started watching this series and it is AWESOME! I mean.. that guy is so gorgeous and the story very nice and funny!.

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He escapes from jail to look for her once she stops visiting him. Halfway through Season 1, Neal and Mozzie deduce that the one holding her captive is part of the FBI. Neal and Peter suspect OPR Agent Fowler to be the perpetrator of Kate's disappearance, and Neal confronts him.

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However, thanks to Peter, she learns about Kate and sympathizes him for his loss . In "Power Play", she and Neal share some very intense kisses in the archives.

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Like the best season finales, White Collar this Tuesday at 10/9c not only I really liked the idea of Neal and Alex, because the Kate thing just.

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When you're dating someone who looks like White Collar's Neal Caffrey, Kate was killed off 3 seasons ago, and she is not coming back.

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White Collar - Neal & Peter & El: Kind of a passive ship. They all interact so adorably, whether it's in pairs or together, I just want cuddle times forever. And this.

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Neal and Kate White Collar Kate, Neal Caffrey, Matt Bomer, Celebrity Couples,. Open . The 'Matt Bomer Way of Kissing' Alex and Neal best couple ever.

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This is a list of characters in the USA Network original comedy-drama TV series White Collar. With the help of his best friend, Mozzie, Neal learns that Kate was taken by a man with an FBI ring. .. Once the three of them are saved by Peter's FBI team, Neal and Alex kiss, revealing that there is still some lingering romantic .

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"Kate's dead," Eastin confirmed (again), adding that White Collar fan and author Anne Rice "Do they like the kiss between Neal and Sarah?.