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The coaches play an important roles as well. During the game a coach will stand behind the attacking goal, directing the forward players, another coach stands.

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A substitution can only be made when the ball is out of play and the following Blindfolds made of an absorbent material and with padding on the front.

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Paralympic football consists of adaptations of the sport of association football for athletes with a physical disability. These sports are typically played using International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) rules, with modifications to the field of play, 5-a-side football, also known as futsal and blind football, is an adaptation of.

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Blind Football is variation of futsal designed for players who are blind or visually impaired. going for the ball; this alerts the other players about their position. A guide, positioned outside the field of play, provides instructions to the players.

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Blind football is five-a-side football - and, more specifically, it is an adapted as it rolls across the playing surface for the players to be able to hear and locate.

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Blind football: Only B1 classified players can compete (totally or almost totally blind athletes); Partially sighted Where can I play visually impaired Football?.

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Football played by people who have partial sight and who are recognised as being partially sighted. What Is Visual Impairment. Visual impairments can be .

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Blind Football has these important ingredients * Five players, rather than 11, make up a You can check out youtube for the match highlights.

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Teams can also have off-field guides to assist them. The ball makes a Blind football is played on a rectangular field that measures 40m long and 20m wide.