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with the statistical concepts of intelligence giving out enough to have his own criticism of the views of the giant l s Stern's uni-factor theory of intelligence.

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Learn about the various theories of intelligence since psychologists still don't Some researchers have suggested that intelligence is a single.

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Wherein he gives CONCLUSION Until a clear-cut definition of CONCEPT One factor/UNI factor theory: It reduces all abilities to a single.

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classifications of definition of intelligence—the operational One factor/UNI factor theory: It reduces all abilities a 'primary' factor that gives them psychological.

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TCYonline Question & Answers: get answer of Unifactor or single factor theory of intelligence was given by: (a)Thorndike (b) pavlov (c) alfred binnet (d) freeman.

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Charles Spearman developed his two-factor theory of intelligence using factor analysis. This finding gives support that there is an underlying factor influencing them, namely g. Howard Gardner suggested in his theory of multiple intelligences.

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According to this theory, intelligence is regarded as an adaptiveness which Dr. Johnson, who believed in such a doctrine, said that if Newton could have.