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Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts has had an unbelieveable ride the last 11 months, But it has been a year full of deserving candidates.

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Nick Saban loses quarterbacks at about the rate he loses games at Alabama. With Jalen Hurts on his way to Oklahoma the tally is exactly one per year on average. In Saban’s 12 years as coach of the Crimson Tide he has now had 12 quarterbacks leave the program.

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For years, Alabama has dominated college football with a game manager at QB, and now it might have one of the best in the nation under.

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Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts has decided to transfer to Oklahoma. Hurts was a two-year starter who led Alabama to a pair of national.

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Hurts speaks: Beloved Alabama backup QB says 'story is far from over' But with enough self-awareness to know the former two-year.

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friend, here are some interesting facts about Alabama starting quarterback. Tua Tagovailoa has thrown for 36 touchdowns this season.