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Darkstripe is a large, lean, sleek, and thin-furred dark gray tabby tom with black stripes and yellow eyes. Mother: Willowpelt . Bluestar tells Darkstripe that she never thought it would be easy, but they must do what is right, and Darkstripe.

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Right. He was Darkstripe's. ~RegifloatRiverstar, Leader of the Thunder Snipes! . It says that Tawnyspots is Darkstripe's father, and Willowpelt is his mother.

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Parents are our guides in this big thing we call the Earth. they teach us how to live in society. what dangers to watch out for. morals to live by. and be our.

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The Parents' rights movement is a civil rights movement whose members are primarily interested in issues affecting fathers, mothers and children related to.

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If we are to assume Willowpelt was pregnant right away (Let's say she and therefore has a different mother (and therefore can also mentor.

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In The Forest of Secrets, Darkstripe is upset with Tigerclaw not because he like to have been the "mother" of Tigerstar's kits (particularly Hawkfrost), . who died during the leaf-bare right before Firepaw joined ThunderClan.

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My mother Robinwing had another litter of kits, my younger brothers Dustkit and Ravenkit. My father Then as I padded outside the nursery I saw the new warrior Darkstripe and Redtail talking. "I can't "Your right! I know I.