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A variety of doctors and specialists may be able to help manage your anxiety. A good place to start is with your primary care physician.

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WebMD directs you to information about anxiety and panic disorders. Use this directory to find detailed listings of doctors in your area.

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Psychiatrist Dr. Brendel uses scientific research and a compassionate approach to help patients with anxiety disorders such as PTSD, OCD, and Panic.

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However, you may need to see a mental health specialist if you have severe anxiety. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in.

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This is a phobia, and will generally respond to the same CBT approach, once you decide that a visit to the doctor, however anxiety provoking, is in your best.

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Make the best health decisions by reading Health Providers Who Treat Anxiety Disorders at Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Anxiety.

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Make the best health decisions by reading When to See a Doctor for Anxiety and Panic Attacks at Healthgrades, America's leading resource for.