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The Ultimate Bridal Shower Trivia Game. Have bridal shower guests test their knowledge of the bride and groom. Challenge your guests to find out how well they know the bride and groom by organizing a trivia game to be played at the shower.

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The 'How Well Do You Know the Bride?' quiz is one of those games that needed a makeover pretty badly, so we have all-new questions for.

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Printable | Etsy Bridal Shower Questions,. More information . Bridal Shower Game Download - Who Knows the Bride Best - Coral and Gold - Instant. Etsy.

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Hen party, bachelorette and bridal shower game! How well do you know the bride bachelorette Game bridal shower hen party quiz

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What is the bride's full name? 2. When is the bride's birthday? 3. What is the bride's shoe size? 4. What is her favorite color? 5. What is her favorite movie? 6.

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Printable How Well Do You Know the Bride Quiz Before the hen party, give a copy of the questions to the bride and ask her to fill out her.