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Known brand, producer of reliable LPG Autogas conversion controllers. king aeb 4 cylinders spare ecu controller lpg cng computer exchange replacement.

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Sequential Gas Injection System KING, is a modern and advanced electronic communication with the gas control unit diagnostics EOBD / OBDII gives us a.

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It has approved in accordance with current safety standards for gas systems (R KING MP6C OBD – compact 1 – plug-in system supports cylinder cars in.

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List of LPG systems and services around the world. AEB, AEB Alternative Fuel Electronics produces a full range of electronic devices for converting internal combustion engines from petrol to . logo of LPG system King (AEB) on myLPG. eu.

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King (AEB) is a LPG system. logo of LPG system King (AEB) on dads-space.com Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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Most LPG installers tend to use one or two preferred makes of LPG system and will often fit these to every make and model of vehicle that.