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Many think Kirkland's French Vodka is Grey Goose in disguise because it's made in the same distillery. Others say it can't be because, at about.

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Vodka and has received lower ratings than the Costco house brand on Grey Goose has been produced with the finest French ingredients.

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Both vodkas are made in the Cognac region of France. Both Kirkland and Grey Goose are made in Cognac with distillation techniques sourced from the.

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Both Kirkland and Grey Goose are made in Cognac region of France with distillation techniques sourced from the neighboring Cognac houses. The vodkas are.

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I've been enjoying Kirkland's signature vodka made in France for years. It's among the best I've tried. This fall, while visiting Arizona.

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Quality wheat vodka from France in a tall, attractive, cork-like stopper (NOT screw cap!) bottle. Great for mixing and hardly an insult as a sipping vodka.

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Feb 04, - "As far as vodka goes I don't really get the appealasode from the ability to make any drink alcoholic without adding a flavor. We, my husband ".

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And while the manufacturer of Kirkland's Signature Vodka does distill the vodka from Grey Goose's same water source in Cognac, France.