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1 Capitol Mall Ste 6D Little Rock, AR () Email: communication@dads-space.com Arkansas GIS Office © All Rights Reserved.

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Boundaries (40) · Climatology (13) · Elevation (16) · Environment (23) · Farming ( 9) · Geoscientific (3) · Health (10) · Imagery (97) · Imagery_Footprints · Location.

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Maps. ASDI Map Viewer Click here to load the ASDI Map Viewer. Check My City Click here to access the Check My City App. Find My District Click here to.

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Arkansas Geographic Information Systems Board on March 3, with support from .. stores, analyzes, manages and presents data that is linked to . NSDI framework data maintenance and the GeoStor platform functions as the state data.

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The Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI) is the Geospatial Clearinghouse for the State of Arkansas. The architecture behind ASDI runs on Amazon Web.

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Aug 10, The Arkansas Geographic Information Office manages Arkansas' Geodata Platform, GeoStor. We have watched the developments of various.

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Data available online through GeoStor at dads-space.com AHTD ' Latitude and Longitude Lines for year end information. This file.

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Arkansas State Land Surveyor – Online Plat Retrieval System Search, print, and create PDF files of Flood Hazard Maps; GeoStor – Arkansas' Official GIS National Geodetic Survey (NGS) defines and manages a national coordinate system.