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Sourcefire, Inc was a technology company that developed network security hardware and software. The company's Firepower network security appliances are based on Snort, an open-source intrusion detection system (IDS). Sourcefire was acquired by Cisco for $ billion in July

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On October 7, Cisco completed the acquisition of Sourcefire, a leader in intelligent cyber security solutions. With the close of this acquisition, Cisco will.

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Cisco has just announced the acquisition of Sourcefire, a company that creates cybersecurity products to protect companies from attacks.

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The purchase of Sourcefire is likely to be an important step for Cisco, as the company has lost valuable marketshare in recent years after failing.

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The deal is Cisco's biggest since its $5 billion acquisition of NDS Group Ltd. Last year, the company reported $5 million in profit on revenue.

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“Cisco's acquisition of Sourcefire will help accelerate the realization of our vision for a new model of security across the extended network,”.