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The creation and evolution of Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy is the subject of this week's Good One, Vulture Comedy's podcast about jokes and the.

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Watch SNL sketches featuring the character Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy (Vanessa Bayer) online at dads-space.com

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5 Things To Know About Vanessa Bayer, SNL's Jacob The Bar Mitzvah Boy .. youtube. For the Mom Who Likes Shiva Humor: “This Is Where I Leave You” Why: .

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WATCH: Jacob The Bar Mitzvah Boy Returned To 'SNL' — And It Was Glorious “I felt like I had seen that boy so much, and it's so fun to play that little awkward . The official “Bassa Sababa” video on YouTube had more than 2 million views.

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“Saturday Night Live” is losing its bar mitzvah boy. Vanessa Bayer bid adieu to the comedy sketch show on Saturday night, after seven years as a cast member.

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On Saturday, news broke that Vanessa Bayer would be leaving SNL after Jacob The Bar Mitzvah Boy Saturday Night Live on YouTube.

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Watch: Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy explains Hanukkah on 'SNL' coincidentally is the length of time his brother Ethan was grounded for calling happens, either , but some videos must be pulled from Hulu from time to time.

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Vanessa Bayer is leaving Saturday Night Live; these are her 4 best 4 of Vanessa Bayer's Best Moments From Her LastEver 'SNL' Episode. Youtube her turn as Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy, and her role as one half of the.

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(YouTube screenshot). HOLLYWOOD . 5. Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy explains Hanukkah . Anyone wondering if Drake would play the Jewish card during his stint as SNL host in didn't have to wait long for an answer.