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Mar 7, Of pin-stripe suits and psychopaths: an evening with Jon Ronson "Wearing a pin-stripe suit is a classic sign of a psychopath," he tells us all.

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Sep 17, When you think of pinstripes, the image that enters your mind might look a of The Wolf of Wall Street, or even American Psycho for that matter.

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Christian Bale in American Psycho and Batman, the Zoot suit, gangsters with In terms of history, the pinstripe suit is about as straightforward as a fishing knot.

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Sep 25, A Complete Guide To The Men's Fashion In 'American Psycho' This is classic Bateman—pinstripes, repeating motif tie (Hermes perhaps?).

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Here's how to wear a pinstripe suit in 5 modern ways and the best pinstripe tailoring you can buy in and sociopathy in Wall Street, American Psycho and The Wolf of Wall Street. Not that the pinstriped suit is dead, it's just different .

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Sep 9, The pinstriped Patrick Bateman in American Psycho Credit: Alamy tailors in the Victorian era evolved the pinstripe pattern on cloth, it is said.

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However, from my side of the psycho universe, Woody Allen would have been proud of my incessant hand-wringing. “This is my gift to you. I wanted to reward .