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The Sikorsky UH Black Hawk is a four-bladed, twin-engine, medium-lift utility helicopter . The ESBS not only better protects helicopter-dropped supplies, it allows the Black Hawk to fly higher above the .. UHV Black Hawk: Upgraded version of the UHL with the electronic displays (glass cockpit) of the UHM.

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Genesys, XP Developing a UH Black Hawk Cockpit Upgrade of XP Services, a developmental flight-testing company that provides aircraft.

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Black Hawk Cockpit Digitization Upgrade Program UH, FACE, open Northrop Grumman provides the Integrated Avionics Suite for the UHV, which .

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With this upgrade, the Army is replacing the Black Hawk UHL analog This new advanced cockpit for the UHM helicopters will provide a.

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The UH Black Hawk has been operational in the US Army since "The SA Black Hawk cabin provides accommodation for 11 fully equipped troops.

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The UHM is a modernised version of the UH Black Hawk helicopter. The UHM Black Hawk helicopter features a monolithic design and offers better The helicopter features machined cabin structure, two jettisonable cockpit doors.

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Both the pilot and co-pilot are provided with armor-protective seats. Elements of the US Army Aviation UHA/l Blackhawk helicopter fleet will begin reaching .

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A UH Blackhawk cockpit. Doppler Navigation Systems provide accurate, independent, jam-resistant navigation in both uncontested and.

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The UHV digital Black Hawk will refit the U.S. Army's remaining UHL helicopter fleet's analog cockpits to a modern digital allowing pilots to see how the UHV's cockpit displays provided situational awareness.

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Calspan to provide Variable Stability System for U.S. Naval Test Pilot School Black More than 60 pilots and support personnel and five UHL Black Hawk .