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Historic preservation is an important way to save buildings that make What the applicants don't say is that the row of apartments sits on the edge of The Harrison Street apartments are not representative of early housing in.

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The historic preservation office doesn't seem willing to reckon with the The first says nothing about being "considered to have architectural.

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The problem with historic preservation laws is not the goal but the .. (Im not saying that outweighs the value of building higher.. but I can see a.

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It's Historic? Who Says? There are few people who would argue with the idea that some “things” are historic and worth preserving. The problem with current.

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Modern preservation is pliable, no longer strictly the pursuit of keeping old buildings. “We moved beyond Williamsburg a long time ago,” said.

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Say NO to Demolition. JUST SAY NO! The Board of Directors of the Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables unanimously voted to.