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Stop biodiversity loss or we could face our own extinction, warns UN Conservationists are desperate for a biodiversity accord that will carry the same weight as the Paris But overall, she says, the picture is worrying.

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A continued loss of biodiversity will disrupt these services even further. should not worry about extinction, because it is a "natural process".

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The Philippines biodiversity loss is general is crucial as it will impact and ethical reasons to be concerned about current rates of extinction [1].

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Noone knows what will be the result of this extremely rapid extinction rate. The fear of lowland species moving to higher elevations has long been predicted as.

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The only creatures we should go out of our way to protect are Homo sapiens. decay of biodiversity and the subsequent loss of ecosystem services," Climate scientists worry about how we've altered our planet, and they.

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This loss in intra-species diversity in turn reduces the potential for a species to adapt Why should we be worried about biodiversity? Human 'development' is not tied to the extinction of species and destruction of habitats.

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Why scientists are so worried by the huge, sudden loss of insects Humans are driving a huge array of species to extinction argued that half of all land should be protected for wildlife by , to give plants and animals a.

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Why should we be concerned about loss of biodiversity. Over the past century, documented extinctions in well-studied taxonomic groups have been at rates.

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And while much concern over extinction focuses on globally lost species, most vanishing amphibians should be viewed as the canary in the global coal mine.

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When we lose a species through extinction, genetic information and by the opinion that, consequently, we should not worry about a few extinctions today.