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S agreements are often referred to as 'developer contributions' along with highway contributions dads-space.com

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Section (S) Agreements are legal agreements between Local Fees are payable at the time the S Legal Agreement is signed.

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The question of who needs to sign a s agreement can be a bone of contention between applicants and local planning authorities. Opposing.

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Planning obligations, also known as Section agreements (based on that section of The guidance on the use of planning obligations is set out on dads-space.com .

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An agreement made under section of the Town and Country Planning Act between a local authority and a developer. The agreement will contain a.

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There are two facets to section agreements - firstly the statutory power in section on the land, and/or the owners either cannot be found or will not sign).

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Section (S) of the Town and Country Planning Act allows us, as the local planning authority, to enter into a legally-binding agreement or planning.