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Vocalists David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco recently recorded a cover of "The Prayer" and released a video of the arrangement Thursday.

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David Archuleta released an original song titled “My Little Prayer” on Thursday. David Archuleta sings "My Little Prayer" on Temple Square.

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Watch artists David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco team up in this absolutely gorgeous rendition of "The Prayer" for the Church's tenth day of the "12 Days of.

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David Archuleta is back with an emotional rendition of “The Prayer” alongside classical vocalist Nathan Pacheco! Watch the video here.

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Though David Archuleta has been home from his mission for the Church of The Prayer - David Archuleta & Nathan Pacheco #ASaviorIsBorn.

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David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco perform an incredible version of 'The Prayer' and Watch David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco sing 'The Prayer'.

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Check out The Prayer by David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco on Amazon Music. One of the most beautifully performed and sung songs I have ever heard!.

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I'm sure most of us remember David Archuleta, a runner up in a season of American Idol from a few years back. He was a very strong fan favorite, and he was.

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American Idol season 7 runner-up, David Archuleta and classical singer, Nathan Pacheco, record a version of “The Prayer” for the upcoming.

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David Archuleta teamed up with Nathan Pacheco for an inspiring version of “The Prayer” that is bound to give you chills. This is Archuleta's first.