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The list of people who have trained young Bruce Wayne before he became Batman, IN THE NEW 52, has changed from version to version as.

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From Shihan Matsuda, Bruce wanted to learn to further his martial art Also See: Who were the 6 people who originally trained Batman in the.

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Batman knows forms of martial arts. In the Nolan movies, he was trained by Ras, but this isn't the case in most comics. In comics, he traveled he world for.

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So many people saying he knows over a hundred martial arts. How exactly? And who does he practice on?.

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It has been said that Batman is a master of every martial art in the world. He never trained with the League of Assassins, though two of his Robins did. On topic.

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Who taught Batman martial arts - The known martial arts masters that trained Bruce Wayne. Ted Grant aka Wildcat the world's best boxer trained a very young .

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Surprisingly, one of the few martial arts outside of boxing, jiu-jitsu, It would also make sense for someone like Batman to have trained in it.