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Sulfur mustard was introduced in World War I as a chemical warfare agent. Historically it was available for use in the treatment of a skin condition called.

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weapons during World War I. Mustard agents, also known as sulfur mustard or mustard gas, were the most widely used (WHO, ). Mustard gas was first used.

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This report describes a case of burn injury following exposure to sulfur mustard, a chemical agent used in war. A review of the diagnostic characteristics, clinical.

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This chapter reviews the important chemical reactions of sulfur mustard and Lewisite. To ensure brevity, all sources used in the preparation of this chapter are.

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Mustard agent was first used effectively in World War I by the German army against British and Canadian soldiers near Ypres, Belgium.

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Sulfur mustard (SM) is a chemical warfare agent that was widely used during World Because sulfur mustard exerts toxic effects following dermal, ocular, and .