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He did this by creating a new volunteer army, which became known as ' Kitchener's Army'. WW1 A to Z - Y is for Your Country Needs You.

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Dr Alex Watson looks in detail at the statistics surrounding the millions of conscripted and volunteer soldiers who served the European armies.

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His first appeal for volunteers was issued on 7 August. He also permitted the part- time Territorial Force – originally intended primarily for home.

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Following the advice of the new Secretary for War, Lord Kitchener, the government decided to raise a huge volunteer army, hoping that in two.

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At the beginning of the British Army had a reported strength of , men including reserves, of which around 80, were regular troops ready for war.

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Australian Army Nursing Service: 2, (not including volunteers for Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service). Source.

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"The significance of this cannot be overstated. It is a new thing in our history" proclaimed President Wilson about the Selective Service Act.

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volunteers worked at home and abroad between and during WWI · Our work abroad during WWI; Useful resources for WWI researchers.