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The United States elections were held on November 8, The election occurred in the During the Congressional election campaign, the United States for a vote, describing in detail the precise plan of the Congressional.

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The United States House of Representatives election was held on November 8, , . The national exit poll by Mitofsky International showed 27 % of all voters "The Congressional Elections: The Postindustrial Realignment.

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The United States Senate elections were elections held November 8, , in which the Parties, Total Seats, Popular Vote. , , +/-, Vote, %.

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The Republican Party won a majority of the votes cast for Congress for the first time since in , which featured only the second significant increase in.

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Party-Line Voting in Presidential and Congressional Elections, -

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He is the author of Money in Congressional Elections, Strategy and Choice in . cratic in House elections 56 percent to 44 percent; in , they voted.

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The midterm elections saw the Republican Party gain a Clinton garnered just 43% of the popular vote and during his first Republicans picked up 54 seats in the House of Representatives and 8 seats in the Senate.

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THE ELECTIONS: CONGRESS -- NEWS ANALYSIS How Lasting a But he also told a reporter that the election constituted "a vote of no.

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THE ELECTIONS: CONGRESS THE OVERVIEW; G.O.P. He said it was a "historic victory," with voters embracing Republican ideas of.