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Thomas Woodrow Wilson (December 28, – February 3, ) was an American statesman and academic who served as the 28th president of the United.

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The presidency of Woodrow Wilson began on March 4, at noon when Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated as President of the United States, and ended on.

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Woodrow Wilson (), the 28th U.S. president, served in office from to and led America through World War I (). An advocate for democracy and world peace, Wilson is often ranked by historians as one of the nation’s greatest presidents. Wilson tried to.

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Like Roosevelt before him, Woodrow Wilson regarded himself as the personal representative of the people. “No one but the President,” he said, “seems to be.

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Thomas Woodrow Wilson was the twenty-eighth president of the United States ( ). Wilson unsuccessfully attempted to bring the.

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In , Woodrow Wilson became the first Democratic president to be re-elected to consecutive terms since.

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United States: The New Freedom and its transformation trained political scientist and historian, Wilson believed that the president should be.

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Woodrow Wilson hoped not to spend too much presidential time on foreign affairs . When Europe plunged into war in , Wilson, who like many Americans.