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Wonderful Maker. Matt Redman Free Chord Pro download. TRANSPOSE Maker. What a wonderful. Em7. Savior. How majestic Your. C2. whispers. D/ F#.

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Wonderful Maker chords Author yumoses [a] other Em7 And the heart of a Father C2 Dsus How majestic Your whispers G What a wonderful God [Verse.

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Chords and lyrics below are for non-commercial use only. Am7 G6 C/G You sent your only son, for you are good Chorus: D5 C/G What a wonderful Maker!.

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Wonderful Maker Lyrics, sheet music and chords Matt Redman / Chris Tomlin | WeAreWorship USA.

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SongSelect is the definitive source for discovering lyrics, transposable sheet music, and Wonderful Maker Available Content. Lyrics. Chords. Lead. Vocal .

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wonderful maker Chords by Jeremy Camp Learn to play guitar by chord and tabs and use Year: - Album: Carried Me: The Worship Project D C What a wonderful maker Em What a wonderful savior C D How majestic your whispers G .