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What a wonderful. C2. Maker. What a wonderful. Em7. Savior. How majestic Your . C2. whispers. D/ F#. And how humble Your. G. love. With a strength like no.

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Author yumoses [a] sent Your only son for You are good [Chorus] C2 What a wonderful Maker Em7 What a wonderful Savior C2 Dsus How majestic Your.

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Wonderful Maker chords. by Jeremy Camp. 10, views, added to authors,# # artists or labels. Chords and lyrics below are for non-commercial use only.

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Verse 1. You spread out the skies over empty space. Said, "Let there be light" To a dark and formless world. Your light was born [Not all lyrics displayed.].

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Wonderful Maker chords, Wonderful Maker tabs, Wonderful Maker by Jeremy Camp, tablature, and lyrics in the Album.

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Studio quality Chords, Lyrics, Lead Sheet and other PDF Orchestration Sheet Music for Wonderful Maker by Chris Tomlin "You spread out the skies over empty .

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wonderful maker Chords by Jeremy Camp Learn to play guitar by chord and tabs and use Year: - Album: Carried Me: The Worship Project D C What a wonderful maker Em What a wonderful savior C D How majestic your whispers G .