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It explains that the baby carrots are indeed washed in a chlorinated "Organic growers use a citrus based non-toxic solution called citrox, the.

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Think of a ripe apple, minus the tartness, and you've got the sweet taste and snappy texture of baby carrots. They are good low-calorie snacks for grownups too, and we have yet to taste a creamy dip that doesn't dress up these little guys. Grimmway Farms Organic Baby Peeled Carrots.

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According to the food network, a carrot farmer, Mike Yurosek in the early about chlorine rinses just buy whole, unprocessed carrots and wash.

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I recently received an email warning about eating baby carrots because they are washed in chlorine when they are processed. It is true that these cut-and- shaped carrots are rinsed in a chlorine wash to I prefer organic whole carrots.

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The small cocktail or “baby” carrots you buy are made using the Organic growers instead use a citrus based, nontoxic solution called Citrox.

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Borda says Grimmway Farms, whose labels include Cal-Organic, uses a chlorine solution on all its carrots – organic and non-organic -- to.