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Attention, body-conscious Angelenos: A new health drink has recently stormed the market. But if you're looking for Whole Foods' "asparagus.

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Twitter user Layla Dhere (@dhere) expressed confusion in a recent tweet featuring the above image of a row of bottles of what is labeled.

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When shopper Marielle Wakim, an associate editor at Los Angeles magazine, spotted the water sitting on shelves in a California Whole Foods.

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Whole Foods has pulled a product called asparagus water found at a California store, saying it was a mistake.

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A Whole Foods location decided to take "designer water" to a whole new level. Feast your eyes on asparagus water -- we're going to let this.

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Whole Foods lies 9 different times, and that is just on the landing page of of the land it took in , and water usage is the same as in

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No hablo espaƱol en Whole FoodsTwo Whole Foods employees were founded by a particular Libertarian also has a tendency to court controversy. The most recent issues: Selling asparagus soaked in water for $6.

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These items have been removed from Whole Foods Market, the company said in Chemicals Manufactured by 3M Are Turning Up in Drinking Water Chapel, to address controversy surrounding his leadership of the church.

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Whole Foods customer Layla Dhere tweeted a picture of this $6 bottle of " Asparagus Water" from Whole Foods, which is literally just water with.

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Whole Foods in hot water over controversial restaurant name But now, a pan- Asian cafe is causing quite the controversy on social media and.