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This traditional Thai fish recipe can be made outdoors on the barbecue, or you can pan-fry the fish indoors - it is made both ways in Thailand. You'll love the tenderness of the fish combined with a fantastic coriander-chili sauce, which can be made from mild to extra spicy to.

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While fresh whole fish is usually grilled outdoors in Thailand, the fish in our recipe can be baked and broiled indoors or barbecued outside.

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A thick layer of salt crust covers the whole fish so the flesh inside keeps moist and succulent throughout the grilling process. And along, when eaten along with a garlic chili seafood dipping sauce, a Thai grilled fish (pla pao ปลาเผา) makes for an amazing meal!.

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Peruse The Ivy Now, a new cookbook straight from London filled with its best stories and most beloved dishes, like this Thai baked seabass.

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Thai-style whole fish baked then grilled until crisp. I have made this recipe five times now, with either whole snapper or salmon. Both taste.

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I really love cooking whole fish because not only is it a good way to buy a fish ( you can check the quality on a whole fish easier than on cut up.