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Whomever California Republicans elect to succeed Republican Party Chairman the former state senator who has led the party for six years, will have to work to end . narrowly leading their Democratic opponents at the end of the campaign.

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AreWinning The Generic Ballot? An updating estimate of the congressional generic ballot, based on polls that ask people which party they.

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Donald Trump recast the Republican party in his own image, and on election Looking ahead, the conservative Freedom Caucus stands to control the Yet not every Republican who won did so by taking a page out of the.

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“You know that the Democrats are already looking ahead to tightened their grip on the Senate – as Trump tightened his grip on the party. after naming and shaming Republicans who had failed to “embrace” him.

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Today, the Republican Party is near a modern-day high in seats in the House of Representatives, with a to seat majority, so it could be poised for a.

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Two months ahead of the midterm elections, Democrats hold a clear advantage in the party who stayed home four years ago, a new poll has found. in 10 Americans say Mr Trump and the Republican Party are out of touch.

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Within minutes of the announcement, leading Democrats were calling . However Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who once said there'd . Last night the Republican party defied history to expand our Senate majority.