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It makes windows so clean, the birds said, that birds cannot see the glass, and fly into it, hurting themselves. Don't buy Windex, the birds told us.

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Television & Cinema Brilliant Birds for Windex by FCB Chicago - Brilliant on everything. Brand: Windex; Country: United States Brand: Burger King. Agency.

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Would you expect a Pied Crow to have a New Jersey accent? I wouldn't, because Pied Crows don't live in the United States. This Windex.

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So I kind of just accept the fact that it's me: Lil Windex. Is their a runner I go outside and all those little birds are my inspiration. They talk to me.

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The King ads have always disturbed me, but this one went too far. It became a Pop-Icon thing to have the "Creepy King Guy." He was in jokes.

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Pet birds and parrots are particularly sensitive to several of household dangers. There are . Aerosol products of any kind should not be used around your bird.