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Vehicle Registration Year Checker. The charts below There are 3 registered formats. N, P, R, S, T, V, W, X, .

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A list of years of car vehicle registrations, from A reg suffix plates through to the , P. , R. , S. , T. , V. , W. , X.

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Aug '81 to July '82, X, X, Sept to Feb The registration year ran from 1 January to 31 December until when it was moved to 1 August issued to kit cars and some imports where the date of first registration can't be established .

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Looking to find what year your car was registered in, and whether it is a suffix X . 1 Aug 28 Feb 1 Mar 31 Aug Y. 1 Aug

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From car registration years have been signified by numbers which W / X reg year – ; X / Y reg year – ; Y / A reg year –

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and how they work. Find your car's registration year and month. Age identifierX, Suffix system, Prefix system Age identifierY.

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Guide to telling what year is t reg, y reg, p reg, v reg, l reg or any car with old Reg letter. Year registered. ~V. - / ~W. - / ~X. - /

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Year letters were not compulsory until , so a vehicle may have been registered The UK car registration system traces back to .. which ran with the X suffix in /2, and QY prefix ran with the Y suffix in /3.

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A list of number plates year codes and an explanation of the location and identity code numbers and letters. Registrations Formats. A historical overview of car registrations, including an explanation of formats. X, August – July